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Frequently Asked Questions.....

Why are you called Career Pain Relief?

Because my goal is to help people who are frustrated, unhappy or unfulfilled in their careers find joy and satisfaction.  I also recognize that the job search is difficult and job seekers can have a much faster and less painful experience finding that fulfilling job if they have cutting edge tools, support, and resources to assist them.

What if I am not unhappy in my work and just want to advance into a different position - can you help me?

Absolutely! I can assist you in working within your existing organization to prepare for and land a promotion or new job. Or, if you are interested in looking outside of your current company, I can help you with that too.

What can I expect if I schedule a free 30 minute consultation?

The first call is a chance to get to know one another better.  I will ask you about your career history and your goals. Some clients have had more experience than others in job search and career planning. I will ask questions and provide recommendations on how we might work together to address your needs.  I will also save time so that you can ask about anything specific on your mind.

What can I expect from career coaching, in general?

Career coaching is an individualized process. The first thing to address is to be sure each client has a clear sense of direction. If you need support figuring out your next career move, we would start there. Sometimes clients benefit from assessment to aid in decision-making.  


Once a clear direction is established, it is essential that we prepare a comprehensive communication strategy that includes verbal, written and social media tools to help brand you and get the message out.  


Once that is established, we would work on job search strategy (including social media strategy), networking, interview preparation and lastly, negotiation strategy to get the best possible compensation package.


How much does it cost?

Programs are customized to meet the needs of each individual client.  There are package deals and discounts offered to ensure that the process delivers significant value for the investment. Choose the "contact information" link to schedule a free, no obligation exploratory session and to get pricing information.

Where are you located?

I am located in the metro Atlanta, GA area, but can work with anyone on a virtual basis. When a client is working, often times it is preferable to meet via phone or Skype.  If you are local to the Atlanta area, we can arrange to meet in person.

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