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Pain Free Job Search



Life is hectic and crazy.  People multi-task and work too hard.  It is difficult enough just keeping up with life's demands.


If you are in the wrong job, everything becomes even more challenging -- sometimes unbearable.


An ill-fitting job wears you out, so finding the energy to manage your life and a job search at the same time causes most people to just give up. That's where an experienced career coach can help. 

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Ease your burden...

Get templates, tools and touch points to keep you motivated and moving forward in your search

Receive advice on how to conduct a "secret" search while you are working and resources to make it easier

Learn cutting edge information about how LinkedIn can make your search more effective and faster

Not sure what to say or how to follow up? Get scripts, sound bites and notes you can use to improve your search and lessen your anxiety.

Get educated on the latest developments in resume writing and social media strategy to expedite your progress

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