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Tips to save time and sanity on LinkedIn

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Finding contacts with a common name...

We all have those people in our network that have a common name. I happen to know a John Smith and a James Bond – really, I do! When it comes time to try to locate these people on LinkedIn, it can present a real challenge.

In a recent search for “John Smith”, there are 46,968 profiles to sort through. Paging though all of these profiles could be a long day. What’s a girl to do? There are a couple of quick ways you can narrow the list.


The easiest way to search for a specific person quickly is to use your top search box.

  • Drop the arrow down and select the drop down for people so you are only getting actual profile results.

  • Then, put information you know about John Smith in the search field – maybe you know that John does something in marketing at Newell Rubbermaid.

  • You can add the search terms “John Smith”, marketing, “Newell Rubbermaid”. Separate the terms with commas. Adding the quotes around the multi-word terms will ensure they appear together in the search.

When I searched in this method, the results for “John Smith” were only 2 – much more reasonable. Here’s a screenshot:


Another method to try is an advanced search.

  • Go to the top search field again and drop down the arrow on the left hand side.

  • Then to the right of the search box, select the “advanced” link. This will bring you to an advanced search where you can get very specific with the search criteria.

  • Maybe you know that John Smith went to the University of Georgia and is doing something in marketing, but you have no idea where he works now.

  • You can fill out the key word field with marketing, the first name field with John , the last name field with University of Georgia. That narrows your choices down to only 12 – a much easier number to sort through.

Here’s a screenshot:

We all need more hours in a day. With just a few quick search tricks, you can save yourself some valuable time. Happy searching!!


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