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Google Knows Everything….

“Google knows everything” is one of my husband’s favorite sayings. He actually may be onto something! Google can be a lifesaver for a job seeker, but I am surprised at how few use it regularly to make their searches more efficient.

There are a lot of great experts out there that actually put free stuff on the web to get the message out about their businesses. The good news is that, with a little searching strategy, you can find it! Here are a few good searches to try if you are trying to get quick answers to common job search questions:

Finding Recruiters:

Who are the top recruiters in the ___________ field in the ____________ area?

  • I tried the search, “who are the top IT recruiters in the Denver area” and look what I found:

This search gave me lots of ideas for recruiters and it also pulled the LinkedIn profiles of 25 recruiters in the Denver area so I can check them out and request connections if it makes sense.

Identifying your target market:

Most career coaches will tell you that the more clear and focused your search is, the better people can help you and the faster you will land your next position. When you are trying to figure out target companies, you could try some of these searches:

  • What are the top ________________ companies in _____________? For example, What are the top healthcare companies in Charlotte, NC

  • What companies in ______________ have the best ratings? For example, What companies in Atlanta have the best ratings?

Figuring out what to say or write:

One of the hardest things for most clients is to know what to write or what to say when they pick up the phone or reach out in writing. How about trying these searches:

  • Examples of good recommendations on LinkedIn

  • How to get feedback after an interview

  • Unique cover letter templates

  • What do you say when networking?

Interview advice:

Interviewing is such a crucial part of landing the job. One of the most important things to remember is to build a good relationship – people hire people they like. But sometimes you are looking for some really specific help. How about asking Google these questions?

  • What are some tough sample interview questions?

  • Great questions to ask during an interview

  • How should I dress for a job interview?

  • Sample interview thank you letter

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of information out there for you to learn (and most of it is actually pretty good!). Next time you are struggling with a question in your job search, take a minute and try Google. You might just be able to get a quick and helpful answer. Happy hunting.

Dana Maggi, Career Coach


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