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When Should I Follow-Up? Quit Playing the Guessing Game

It is rough to be a job seeker for a lot of reasons, but probably one of the major reasons is that hiring managers and recruiters often do not tell you when to expect a call back. Or if they do, sometimes they do not follow up when they say they will.

Then the job seeker is left with the age old question – do I follow up yet? Job seekers are filled with anxiety about this. They begin to try and figure out why they are not being called. Has the job already been filled? Did I mess up the interview? They are afraid that if they do follow up, they will look desperate (or worse, like a stalker). They are afraid that if they don’t follow up, they will look uninterested in the job. It feels like a no-win situation.

So, what can a job seeker do to eliminate the stress?

This sounds like a no-brainer, but the key to not stressing about follow-up is for the job seeker to get it figured out before he/she walks out the door or hangs up the phone. This applies in an interview situation or in networking. Here’s how it can sound:


Hiring Manager:

"So it was nice to talk with you today. We have other candidates to see, so we will be in touch in a few weeks if you are selected to move to the next round."


Job Seeker:

"That sounds great. So it sounds like you may have some decisions made after the first week in April. Is it okay, if we have not connected by the end of that first week in April, if I reach back out by email and just check in at that time?"


Very few hiring managers, networking partners or recruiters will say you cannot send them an email. Then, go home and put a note on your calendar to follow up on that day. Now, you are not a stalker or desperate person, you are a confident candidate with excellent follow through skills.

Try this one trick after every important conversation. Get the follow up pinned down. You will rest easier and know exactly what step to make next. Happy hunting

Dana Maggi, Career Coach


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